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What is Polished Plaster

The name Polished Plaster covers a wide range of decorative plaster finishes. It is a natural lime based plaster wall and ceiling finish which is applied in multiple coats by skilled artisans using a specialist trowel. It replicates the organic beauty of polished natural stone, and is known by many names including Venetian Plaster, Venetian Stucco, Marmorino, Carrara and Spatulata. It is trowelled onto a level 4 finished substrate in 3 coats which are then burnished to create a smooth glass like venetian plaster finish. The Venetian Plaster or Polished Plaster wall is then waxed using a natural beeswax.

Our Polished Plaster Finishes

When you get it from Bishops
Bishop Master Finishes have 14 premium finishes that are made using environmentally friendly materials. We manufacture our own Polished Plaster locally and specifically for each project. We also supply and install the product ourselves, we don’t sell the product to external renderers. This gives us an exclusive supply chain across manufacturing and application which has 3 major benefits:

1. It means we’re able to perfectly colour match our Polished Plaster colours to paint colours, tiles, or any other material.

2. The product is not mass produced, it’s made and applied in the traditional way which means no shortcuts, including no cutting corners on the number of coats applied. This allows us to guarantee quality across all projects.

3. We only employ highly skilled applicators, which means that the person applying the finish has years of experience, they haven’t just done a 2 week course

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Your Polished Plaster Project

We employ more than 10 highly skilled applicators under a current EBA which means we are capable of managing very large projects alongside multiple smaller designer builds.

If you would like to request a quote on your project, please send drawings or a takeoff to our estimator: [email protected]

You can request samples either from our standard colour range through the cart on our website, or have us match a Dulux colour by emailing: [email protected]

If the quote is accepted please provide a Purchase Order to lock us in to complete the work, the liaise with Eddie regarding scheduling: [email protected]

Completing the work takes a minimum of 2.5 days on site.

Contact us to make an enquiry.


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